Monday, December 4, 2006

UCSF and UTA(?)

Tomorrow my parents will be going to the University of California at San Francisco medical center to get a second opinion. UCSF has one of the best oncology centers in the U.S. and is certainly better than Kaiser–which does seem to be quite good. Even so, we are not optimistic.

Upon the recommendation of several friends, I am also investigating getting him to the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas at Austin. They’re one of the two best oncology centers in the entire country. I’m told they’re almost miracle workers. One person I talked to told me of a relative who was being treated at UCSF and later went to Anderson. The folks at Anderson prescribed a different chemo cocktail and a few months later the relative was on the mend. Of course each patient is different. And I thoroughly appreciate the severity of my father’s cancer. But why not try, if possible. Alas, my mother doesn’t think my dad would be strong enough to make the trip. He is weaker every day. (“For want of a horse, a kingdom was lost.”)

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