Friday, December 22, 2006

Out of Sight but not Out of Mind

As I’ve written previously, I will be in Yosemite betwixt the Nativity and the Rose Bowl. This blog shall lie fallow for the duration as I will be neither seeing my father during that period nor do I expect to have Internet access, other than via costly and slow dial-up access from my room at Yosemite Lodge. (Expect me to call down the mountain to Berkeley at least once a day, though. Irrespective of the expense.)

I have heard from several friends, colleagues and former students of my father with regards to providing on–demand physical assistance for my parents during my absence. I sincerely thank them! My concerns at abandoning my parents are much alleviated. However, I am still seeking to add to the call list (same link as the first on this page). I ask again: Please[removed] if you are going to be proximal to Berkeley at any time while I am to be away my trip and you would be willing to provide some physical assistance to my parents, should they need it.

View it this way: The more people who volunteer, the less the chance that your phone will ring. So c’mon! Call up other friends of my dad and encourage them to sign up! (No, you can’t assuage your guilt by just coercing others!)

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