Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Lots of Clots

My dad has blood clots. Lots of little ones. They were revealed by a Doppler ultrasound examination he had today at Kaiser in Walnut Creek.

Unfortunately, I don’t yet really understand the details: Why he has them; and the significance of them—other than their being etologically related to thrombotic strokes. I only saw my parents for a few minutes this evening and couldn’t get all of the details. (I will seek more on Thursday.) I do know that my dad has a new medication he is taking for the clots. (This is in addition to the seeming dozens he already daily ingests.) And apparently his chemotheraputic cocktail again will be remixed in recognition of both the clots and the drugs.

And so it goes....

P.S. I don’t understand the long gap between the text and table that appears when my previous post is viewed in some browsers. I tried fixing it for about fifteen minutes and then let it go. I’m sorry if you were inconvenienced or annoyed by it.

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