Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Today was my dad’s second round of chemotherapy, at Kaiser in Walnut Creek. My parents left their home at 8:30AM and arrived back there at 5:30PM, nine hours later. The day started with a series of blood tests to check his white blood cell levels—they’re elevated—hemoglobin and creatine (reflects liver function). The infusion followed and took four hours. The remaining hours were mostly spent driving through rush hour traffic, both ways. (They did stop briefly by the Cheese Board Collective in Berkeley to pick up an always yummy pre-made pizza for dinner.) We don’t yet know whether the chemotherapy is having a salutary effect.

Today’s administration was relatively benign. Like last time, a low dose of Benadryl (yes, the allergy medicine) was administered along with the chemo to make my dad sleep lightly through the process and take off the edge. He feels fine now but tomorrow will be the real test. It’s usually the day after when the physical impacts really hit. At least he’s quite hungry and eating a relatively large meal as he sits in a chair next to me. He has actually been eating better the past few days.

My aunt Gloria went along as predicted. This was nice for my mom because she had someone to keep her company while my dad was undergoing treatment. While the Taxol and other drugs dripped into my sleeping father’s veins, my mom and Gloria walked over and went shopping at the nearby Broadway Plaza and shared a “delicious” lunch at Va de Vie Bistro

Life goes on. Even with the Sword of Damocles dangling over our heads.

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