Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What we know so far

On Tuesday, November 7th, following a CAT scan, my father was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer. The disease apparently has already spread to his lymph and bone. The scan was made subsequent to a chest x-ray which revealed irregularities. Prior to these procedures, my father had been coughing chronically for weeks and was feeling poorly—and he had lost and continues to lose weight. For now he is at home, spending most of his time resting.

We do not know yet what treatments are available. Presumably, because the cancer has already spread, he is not a candidate for either surgery or radiation, leaving chemotherapy. He will have a biopsy within the next few days and we should be better informed thereafter.

I am sure that my parents would appreciate hearing from you. I know that my mother would benefit from whatever emotional support you could provide.

You are welcome to post comments and questions. I will respond when I can.


Brian Howell
(Clark’s son)

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