Saturday, November 18, 2006

Post–bronchoscopy Update

My father underwent a bronchoscopy and biopsy yesterday, at Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Walnut Creek, California. The procedure took 4.5 hours, during which my mother waited alone, I’m sorry to say. Four tissue samples were taken for analysis. It will take from ten to twelve days to perform the assay (culture and examine the tissue). For more details on the procedure, issues and risks, and for definitions of terminology, please see these previous posts:

He and my mother are now at home. He is resting comfortably.

Apparently to my mother’s surprise, after the procedure they were given an appointment with my father’s oncologist for Monday. I think my mother didn’t expect any further interaction until after completion of the assay. My imagination runs wild with possible reasons; few are optimistic.

His condition clearly is worsening. Just since the diagnosis a week ago Tuesday, he as lost an appreciable amount of additional weight, is more depleted, and is frequently nauseous. The odds for his long–term survival are poor and declining.

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