Monday, November 27, 2006

11/27: A Very Important Date

2003 Scientists warn of potentially vast influenza epidemic
2000 NASA satellite photo of the earth at night
1997 Second Souhane massacre in Algeria
1990 Britain’s conservatives chose John Major to succeed Margaret Thatcher
1989 France performs a nuclear test on Muruora island
1983 Colombian 747 crashes in Madrid, killing 185
1978 SF Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk are gunned down by Dan White
1975 Ross McWhirter, co-founder of the Guiness Book of World Records, is murdered by the IRA
1974 The ‘Prevention of Terrorism Act’ is passed by the U.S. Congress
1973 Senate votes 92–3 to confirm Gerald R. Ford as VP
1972 Pierre Trudeau forms Canadian government
1966 Uruguay adopts a constitution
1965 1st French satellite launched, France becomes 3rd nation in space
1962 U.S. performs nuclear test at the Nevada Test Site
1961 Gordie Howe becomes first NHL player to play 1,000 games
1958 U.S.S.R. abrogates Allied war–time agreements on control of Germany
1956 F. Goodrich and A. Hackett’s “Diary of Anne Frank,” premieres in The Netherlands
1953 Eugene O’Neill, American writer and Nobel Prize laureate, dies
1951 Cease–fire and demarcation zone accord signed in Panmujon Korea
1950 The Great Thanksgiving Storm ends in Ohio after four days
1948 Honda opens first facility in the United States.
1947 Joe DiMaggio wins his 3rd MVP, beating Ted Williams by one vote
1946 Jawaharlal Nehru appeals to US and USSR to end nuclear testing and to start disarmament, stating that such an action would “save humanity from the ultimate disaster.”
1945 A photograph from the Nuremburg War trials
1944 MacArthur wins battle for Peleliu (the Palaus); a strategic step in recapturing the Phillippines
1942 French Navy at Toulon scuttles ships and subs so Nazis don’t take them
1941 U.S.S.R. begins a counter offensive, causes Germany to retreat
1940 Nazis signs Technical Hague court Delft
1939 The Nobel Committee of the Norwegian Parliment announces that no Peace Prize will be awarded this year
1932 Poland and U.S.S.R. sign a non-attack treaty
1928 Total lunar eclipse
1927 The Persian and Afghan governments sign a second Treaty of Friendship and Security
1926 Italy and Albania sign peace treaty
1925 My father is born

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