Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The F.C. Howell Audio History Project

At one time or another, many of you have heard some of my father’s remarkable stories. They range from tales of his midwestern childhood to comic, globe–trotting travel adventures with my mother to recollections of arduous and remarkable field seasons in Africa and elsewhere. I have long thought to capture them for posterity’s sake and now, given the exigencies with which he is faced, can think of no reason to further delay. To the contrary, immediacy certainly is in order.

I will be purchasing video and audio recording devices, and a collection of blank storage media. If you are local, I invite you to come visit my father, wherever he is (subject to my parents’ convenience, of course), and simply ask him to tell you a story, while recording. Those of you far away, I encourage you to think back to experiences you shared with my father, and e-mail me or post (add a comment herein) with the details, that I may prompt him to recount. The final output will be edited and cut to DVDs and/or CDs, and audio (MP3) files. A written transcription is also a possibility.

I look forward to hearing from and seeing many of you.

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