Wednesday, January 10, 2007


This coming Friday, my dad finally will have his second CAT scan. The delta (mathematical and statistical for ‘change’) between it and the baseline original scan will allow an estimation of the disease’s progression and timelines. I expect we’ll get the actual results on Monday, after a radiologist has had a chance to review the scan, which will look like this.

To quote myself:
Then we’ll know for sure if his apparent resurgence is in fact because of a diminution of his tumors and/or a reduction in their metastases, or simply the consequences of the palliative effects of the treatments. The odds are vastly for the latter.

Cross your fingers. Cross your toes. Cross anything possible. Well, if you cross your legs you’ll probably fall over. Or if you cross your eyes (and see this), you’ll almost certainly get a headache and walk into walls. (More succinctly and to be paranoically legalistic: please do not hurt yourself on my recommendation.) But anything else is fair game.

I know the uncertainties overshadowing the next few days will be very stressful for both of my parents—indeed for all our family.

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