Friday, January 5, 2007

I’m Still Here

Unfortunately, I returned from Yosemite to a veritable conflagration at Wells Fargo and my time has been consumed accordingly. In addition, my significant other (egad, what an ungainly term, but ‘girlfriend’ is so innocuous; I’m working on changing the nature of our relationship) came down with a bad case of norovirus—yes, the same thing that has beset San Quentin State Prison (looks kind of pretty in the photograph) and is flaring up around the world. So I’ve been also spending time ministering to her, leaving scant for myself. But things should calm down today.

Anyway, my dad seems generally happy, feisty (as always) and reasonably healthy—within the bounds of what could be expected. He still gets himself up and down the stairs between the floors of his house, with much less effort than a few weeks ago, actually. Last I knew, the oxygen remains untapped. And he still sleeps beside my mother as he has for much of the last fifty–one years (save for the many many months spent alone overseas).

Except for the cane, bathroom fixtures and chapeau, and a pronounced slowing down, it’s almost possible to fantasize that he’s fine, that there aren’t tumors spreading inside him.

I have yet to learn about the value of iridium infusion my dad received in my absence. Also, Kaiser rescheduled a number of appointments so he didn’t meet with his oncologist yesterday and the date of another CAT scan is up–in–the–air. Consequently, timelines are still indeterminate.

In sum, there really isn’t very much to relate right now, as I predicted. But keep checking back here. Because this comparative calm simply can’t last.

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