Monday, January 29, 2007

In Brief


I’m sorry I haven’t been posting regularly. I’ve been fighting a deadline at work. I’ve also been told that—even in the wake of record profits—Wells Fargo is cutting budgets and I and the other consultants on my team are soon to be terminated. So I’ve also been freshening up my resume and pounding the pavement at the same time. But enough about me.

My dad has had a lot of nausea in the wake of his recent (4th) chemotherapy treatment, last Tuesday. He has eaten very little and slept poorly. Having seen this before, in the wake of chemo infusions, we were initially gladdened by recent news that further treatments would be less–affecting oral. Unfortunately, Dr. Canin has since decided that, owing to the unexpected amount of regression of the pulmonary tumor, the primary cancer site, future chemo treatments will not be oral after all, but will continue to be intraveneous. I trust that the suffering my father is experiencing therefrom is worth the hopefully consequent continued prolongation of his life. I’d say so, but that would be my selfishness. In the end, it is solely my dad’s decision.

I have also learned that the bone–hardening infusions my father has been receiving (the most recent being last week, too) are not as I thought iridium, which is an element, but Aredia, which is a trade name drug. It’s basically Fosamax times ten.

More soon.

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