Monday, January 22, 2007

“Considerably Shrunk”

My dad saw Dr. Canin today. The discussion focused around the significantly favorable results of my dad’s latest CAT scan. My parents reviewed the radiographs, which clearly showed considerable regression of the pulmonary tumor. My mother’s stated opinion is the title of this post. (Don’t forget that she was a registered nurse, so her opinion isn’t of the laity.) My dad might be an outlier after all.

Tomorrow will be my dad’s fourth chemotherapy, which as before, will be adminstered intravenously. After which I am sure he will feel tired and probably nauseous for several days. However, succeeding treatments will be oral. Yes, he will simply take a pill, which will be far less toxic, with fewer and lesser side effects. We are all very happy about this.

The news keeps getting better and better, though he is still weak and having frequent bad days. And, it is important to note, there has been no discussion about the metastases. I need to follow up on those....

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